Design and Engineering

HVAC discipline
  • Equipment sizing calculations (DX & Chilled Water)
  • Selection of equipments
  • Static Pressure Calculations
  • Ducting design & Ducting layouts
  • Pump head calculation for Chilled water systems
  • Chilled water piping layouts
  • Ventilation system design
Plumbing Services
  • Hot & Cold Water system
  • Drain, Waste & Vent system
  • Irrigation system
  • Eye wash facilities
  • Drinking water system
  • Oily waste drain system
  • Acid / Alkaline waste drain system
  • Condensate waste drain service
Fire Fighting Discipline
  • Fire protection System Design
  • Conceptual design
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Site Water Supply Evaluation
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Material Specification Analysis
We4M Engineering Team is capable of handling the above mentioned services in the below fields / sectors
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Building sector
  • Shopping Malls
  • Cinema Theatres
  • Office spaces
  • Domestic applications (Centralized Air Conditioning)
  • Hotels & Kitchen applications

Engineering & Design - Building Services

With a large team of highly exceptional professionals, we offer a broad range of MEP Design support services to owners, consultants, main contractors, and MEP contractors.

Mechanical Systems Design Calculation

  1. Heating/Cooling Load Calculations
  2. External Static Pressure (ESP) Calculations
  3. Pump Head Calculations
  4. Pressurization Calculations
  5. Fire System Hydraulic Calculations
  6. FM-200 Design
  7. CFD Analysis

Electrical Systems Design Calculation

  1. Harmonic Studies for VFD
  2. Voltage Drop Calculations
  3. Lighting Luminance Calculations
  4. Short Circuit Calculations
  5. Battery Capacity Calculations
  6. Lightning Protection & Earthing Calculations
  7. Coordination Studies for Building Electrical Systems

BIM MEP Modelling

  1. 3D Modelling with LOD 100 to LOD 500
  2. Full Revit Families
  3. BIM Clash Coordination Services
  4. Detailing, Shop drawing & Fabrication Drawings
  5. Pre-construction Site Logistics
  6. BIM Facilities Management

MEP Drafting Services

Preparation of MEP shop drawings and getting these approved is one of the major challenges that contractors face. MEP Shop Drawing is one of our core areas of expertise. We have a large team of highly qualified engineers and draftsmen to help prepare shop drawings as per the client’s requirements. We act as the Drawing Support Service provider for Consultants, Main Contractors, and MEP Contractors.

We provide superior quality, time, and cost-effective Computer-Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) Services and shop drawings for the following systems in MEP & Infrastructure domains:

Electrical Engineering

  1. Lighting & Emergency Lighting
  2. Small Power & Containment
  3. Fire Alarm System
  4. Earthing & Lightning Protection
  5. Security Systems
  6. Building Management System
  7. SMATV System

Mechanical Engineering

  1. HVAC System
  2. Domestic Water System
  3. Fire Fighting
  4. Drainage System

Value Engineering - MEP

Value engineering (VE) is a systematic method to improve the “value” of goods and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost. We have a team of design engineers who are trained and experienced in the value engineering of MEP systems.

Pipe Stress & Support Analysis

Piping and other mechanical services are typically checked to ensure that the routing, loads, hangers, and supports are properly designed so that allowable stress is not exceeded under different loads like the sustained, operating and pressure testing loads as stipulated by the ASME B31.3, BS 5950 or any other applicable codes and standards.

  1. Design basis review
  2. Piping studies and routing
  3. Pipe Stress Analysis
  4. Piping material specifications
  5. Isometrics / Spool drawings
  6. Pipe support standards & analysis

Quantity Take-Off

Quantity take-offs are a detailed measurement of materials and labor needed to complete a construction project. Our highly experienced estimators help you to estimate the required quantities during the pre-construction phase. This process includes breaking the project down into smaller and more manageable units that are easier to measure or estimate.

  1. Quantity take-off services are offered for inquiries received with MEP drawings in PDF / AutoCAD  formats
  2. Estimation Team trained in Bluebeam Revu Software
  3. This tool helps to comprehensively capture the quantities.
  4. Accuracy is ensured by tracking locations of markups

We4M Engineering Services

Mission Statement
"One can have many Engineering solutions; We4M Engineering will provide you the simplest one"
Our goal is to become the most preferred engineering company globally, by Clients as well as the Employees. We shall adopt the latest & proven technologies, innovative & simple concepts. We believe every customer, big or small, are our asset and will deliver the project with precision. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our growth.
Vision Statement
"One can have many Engineering solutions; We4M Engineering will provide you the simplest one"
It is a fact that enough damage has been done to our ecosystem. Though reasons are plenty, they are not justified. All the living beings including humans, birds and animals etc. are already facing the calamities due to damage to nature. Our vision is to reduce carbon foot prints and give back to nature, what was taken out. The Company will innovate, develop & provide designs which run solely on renewable resources. We4M Engineering is confident to achieve this and will inspire others.